Can Exercise bikes really replace real bikes?



Exercise bike


Can Exercise bikes really replace real bikes?

Cycling also called biking is a full body workout. It is popularly seen as a pleasurable activity by people of all age groups.

The benefits of cycling are however highly underrated as they lead to;

  • Reduction in body fats/ weight loss
  • Flexibility of joints
  • Better cardiovascular fitness
  • Stronger and more flexible muscles
  • Stronger bones
  • Better body coordination and posture
  • Relieve from stress
  • Immunity from certain illness

Mere cruising a bike in the neighbourhood may not provide you with the required results until it is taken to a more serious or tedious level. This could include cycling on an inclined plane like a mountain or over longer distances. While this will definitely yield better results, there is always a question of convenience, safety and security.

There have been occasions were a biker was either being harassed due to cycling at early hours. Other times, cyclers have been knocked down by reckless drivers of other vehicles and since bikes do not have air shields or overhead covering from rain or sun, it becomes even more stressful.

Because of this, exercise bikes have become a good option.



Exercise bike

Exercise bikes are stationary replicas of a bicycle having a saddle, pedals and handlebars but without wheels. On an exercise bike, you can travel for miles from the same spot.

Although, you might not enjoy the fresh natural breeze, convenience provided by exercise bikes is remarkable. You can now exercise at any time of the day you want from a comfortable spot.

These days the primary equipment for setting up a gym will definitely be an exercise bike so you can cycle all you want in a conveniently enclosed gym. Working out at a commercial gym with other people will certainly give you the necessary motivation you need but some people do not like a crowded setting or going to a distant gym.

If working out in solitude is your desire or getting to a commercial gym is too stressful, you may want to set up a home gym for yourself. A home gym does not really need to be too sophisticated because of the high cost of gym equipment thus, an exercise bike is a good one to start with.

Exercise bikes do not consume much space and can fit almost anywhere in the home.

Exercise bikes vary in styles and design. Most exercise bikes have mechanisms for adjusting the pedal resistance which will affect the intensity of the exercise and some allow for backward pedalling for desired results.



Exercise bike

Some exercise bikes are also made in a way that the handlebars move with the pedals so that both the upper and lower body are engaged in the exercise.

Recent technologies have even seen more advanced exercise bikes as they can be connected with workout applications, such as iFit or even virtual reality. iFit uses Google maps to simulate cycling on a real-life route.

However, unlike real-life cycling where you get to swerve and dodge obstacles and perform a few skills, exercise bikes are not that flexible but they sure can serve as a good and convenient equipment for home workout sessions flaunting an advantage of comfort and availability.

Finally, while an exercise bike is a good workout equipment, biking or bicycling is also a means of transportation, sport and source of pleasure, therefore proving its superiority and irreplaceability.

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