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Health Food Store

Dangerous Foods You Don’t Know, Health Food Store

If you shop at a health food store, you are better than those who don’t; at least you are cautious about your health. However, it is no guarantee that everything the retailer stores in the shelves is safe for your consumption. While we cannot all be health professionals, it is important to have an idea of what is good and bad for your body. Of course, we have different bodies and react differently to the same. However, there are general guidelines that you cannot afford to ignore.

Processed foods should your top worry. Most if not all of them contain harmful artificial preservatives that not only add value to your body but also compromise on natural functions of organs and systems. Health food storeowners are supposed to be professionals and honest in the products but unfortunately it is not always the case. You need to take precaution as an individual to keep yourself and family healthy.

Here are some foods that you probably buy on a regular basis but their negative effect will surprise you. Most probably, the health complications you are experiencing are because of one of these;


Health Food Store
Health Food Store

Whole Grain Foods

You should not always be lured with “natural” or “organic” among other fancy terms used to describe products at health food stores. Processed whole grains have low fiber as well as low nutrients. Of course, whole grains mean they contain all elements of a seed including endosperm and germ, it does not mean they are beneficial to your body. Processing means the grain components are broken down and separated to make it easy to incorporate into foods.

The major risk with processed whole grains is the quick absorption of sugar by the body. Increased blood sugar levels not only increase body energy but also hunger. You are more likely to eat more than is necessary. Such foods cause heart infections and Diabetes.


Health Food Store
Health Food Store


Most health food stores sell this as a natural substitute for sugar. It is an exciting option when you consider the effects of refined sugar. It is common in local stores and people tend to take it in large amounts assuming it is safe. The truth is, Agave is a sweetener and excess intake will lead to negative results just like with high fructose from sugar.

Unlike common belief, Agave is not extracted from Agave plant. It is neither a nectar. Agave is an extract of root bulb, which is rich in starch. The fact that it is extracted from starch means it goes through complex refining processes to change this composition to change fiber to fructose. The processing stages are similar to the making of fructose corn syrup.

Besides, agave is linked to liver inflammation and insulin resistance. It can also reduce minerals in the body and soften arterial walls. Weak artery walls expose you to risks of blood pressure, excessive weight gain among other heart infections. Agave is also said to be rich in saponin, a chemical linked to pregnancy complications.


Health Food Store
Health Food Store


Sprout is a popular seasoning to sandwiches. Most people also use it in salads because of the crunchy effect. Basically, it adds flavor to sandwich and salads. It can’t miss in your local health food store. The main risk with consumption of sprouts is the raw form; if you have to cook it, you should do it lightly or steam to maintain the crunchy effect. However, this has significant risks to bacterial infection.

The humid and warm conditions are ideal for growth of bacteria on any fresh produce. It is delicious but dangerous. While experts only point the risks to people with low immunity, eating raw sprouts has a universal effect on people. Whether elderly, young, male, or female, bacteria in sprouts is dangerous for your health.


Health Food Store
Health Food Store


Contrary to common belief, yoghurt poses significant health risks to your body. Yoghurt is in every local health food store; it is renowned as a healthy snack. There is little truth in this; of course, the fermented part and milk protein are beneficial to the human body. However, regular consumption of yoghurt in its cold state exposes one to risks of allergy and asthma.

Some of the minor effects of yoghurt are gas and regular stomach upsets. Also, yoghurt contains calories and added sugar, which are obviously unhealthy for anyone. Kids are more prone to these effects than adults.


Health Food Store
Health Food Store

Rice and Pasta

Rice and rice products are a favorite for many. It is easy to be creative with rice to impress your kids. Rice products are also easy to cook. It is convenient, especially if you have a busy work schedule. However, you should look beyond style and convenience. Apart from filling your gut and giving you energy, there are no notable health benefits of rice and related products.

Whether you like brown or white rice, they both contain arsenic. Arsenic results in skin discoloration and body numbness. Also, you can easily end up with stomach pain or blindness because of excess arsenic levels. In extreme cases, arsenic can lead to cancer and bladder infections.

Gluten is also a common component in rice that can easily lead to cancer.

The next time you go to shop ata health food store, be keen before including anything in your cart.


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