Hair growth


Hair is a thin protein filament that grows from follicles in the skin. Hair growth is a natural phenomenon as all humans would have hair on the body regardless of the amount. Why most people have more hair than others is because of their genes.

Body hair helps to regulate body temperature with respect to that of the environment, thus a very vital part of the body. On an average, the head bears more hair than other parts of the body probably due to the delicate nature of the brain.

Thus, Hair growth could be generally seen as growing hair on the head.

Women are assumed to have more hair than men and it is evident but hair growth in men is at the same rate as than that of women.

Research states that one out of every five men would start losing their hair at the age of twenty. This can be explained medically. Baldness is a sex-linked gene; women are careers of the gene and they always pass it to their male children

This has increased the concern over hair growth in men in recent times.

While some men feel that being bald might make you look more masculine like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and some other models who have embraced their baldness in good faith, the beauty of being blessed with hair cannot be overrated.

Hair growth has been a major desire for a lot of men whether it be naturally or artificially.

You definitely cannot blame them for such desires as it is obvious that men who grow hairs have been found not just appealing to the ladies, but also look approachable by people generally.

Hair growth in men over the years had not just been limited to hair on the head but facial hair too. Facial hair signifies a man’s physical maturity.


Hair growth

How to make your hair grow faster.

Research shows that the human hair grows at a rate of 6in (13cm) per year so, if your hair is growing at a slower rate, then something can be done to enhance it.

The following practice should be cultivated for a healthy hair growth in men

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and apply good hair products:
    Your hair needs to be kept clean so regular washing and treatments is important. Shampoo and conditioners do not really make your hair grow faster, but will help your hair be strong and healthy, thus preventing breakage.
  • Trim your hair regularly
    While this may sound a little awkward against the topic, trimming your hair would have a remarkable influence on your hair health. This applies to both the hair on your head and that of your face (beards) which seem to grow a bit faster.
  • Eat healthy diets
    Food is a primary factor of growth and thus has a great part to play in hair growth. Foods that are rich in protein help in hair growth. Also, researchers at Harvard in 2012 found out that Vitamin D helps to revive inactive hair follicles which hairs grow from.Foods rich in vitamin D are mackerel, salmon, diary products, soya bean, cheese, egg yolk, etc.

While these practices will help for a healthy hair growth in men, hair loss in men cannot be eliminated as its rate increases with age especially for those who have acquired baldness as a genetic trait. Too much of vitamin A or reactions from some medication can cause you to lose your hair. A hormone called DHT causes hair follicles to shrink but a pill called Minoxidil slows down this hormonal account. Therefore, my advice for men is that you enjoy the beauty of your hair in your youth by taking good care of your hair because it is difficult to get your hair back once you lose it


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