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holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine combines treatment and therapy to provide a lasting solution to your health challenges. When you feel headache, you consult your doctor or pharmacist to get pills. The pills will work for a period and there is a probability it will come back. Holistic medicine works in a way to make a patient go through therapy to seek a solution. This is to help discover the source of the headache, possible solution and permanent prevention. With therapy and treatment, it is believed that a patient will be healed of the said ailment.

When you feel pain on a part of your body, the pain spreads to the other part of the body. This means taking the pain from the part of the body means total body wellness. Holistic medicine makes sure your total body is healed. Also, your mental, physical, spiritual and social states are well taken care off. The belief is that if these states are taken care of, a person has been treated as a whole.



holistic medicine


The approach to Holistic Medicine starts with the relationship between the doctor and the patient. A Doctor-patient bond will create a relaxed and friendly environment so that the doctor can have his/her way with the person. Since this form of medicine is about optimal health, it does not focus on healing the person alone. It finds the cause of the illness. This can be divided to Primary and Secondary Care Treatment.

For the primary care treatment, this is the bond we talked about before. It is the time a relationship is created between the medical practitioner and the patient during consultancy/therapy. This allow the practitioner to access the patient’s mental, physical, social and spiritual state. The relationship also gives room for body, soul and mind assessment. All are taken note carefully for proper treatment.

During therapy, the practitioner talks and advices patient about health. This is important to make the person aware of health factors, conditions and options. Other primary care treatment alternatives are suggesting a diet plan, exercise schedule, change in lifestyle and environment and further counseling. These alternatives are suggested to make sure there is no relapse and the healing is permanent.

Secondary care treatment is the use of drugs, and surgery. Other alternatives are herbal medicine, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and homeopathy. These are just alternatives to modern medicine. The combination of the two care treatments is what we know as Holistic Medicine.


holistic medicine

Let us take for example, a patient down with headache. Part of the primary care treatment is knowing the cause of the illness whether it is stress, lack of sleep or malaria symptoms. When this is known, the doctor will then prescribe the right medicine to cure the illness and suggest lifestyle changes that will make sure the headache doesn’t come back. With this example, you can see clearly how primary and secondary care treatment work in Holistic medicine for optimal wellness.

Finally, Holistic medicine will allow people to be conscious about their health while seeking total wellness. As a patient, it is important to find the right holistic doctor you can trust to create the relationship that will help you. Your doctor must make you feel at home, relaxed and listen carefully to you. This is what create the bond for primary care treatment.

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