How to Make Your Formal Dresses Look like a Million Bucks




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How to Make Your Formal Dresses Look like a Million Bucks

Anyone can look smart and fantastic by spending thousands of dollars on wardrobe consulting and tailoring. But the real smartness is to look classy and trendy by spending a few dollars on formal dresses. Looking stylish and smart is not only reserved for people with a six-figure salary. Anyone can achieve million bucks’ looks by following specific golden rules. They are: investing in quality wardrobe, expand your shopping options and develop reasonable expectations.




Go for quality over quantity

It is impossible to get a million bucks to look without wearing something that has good quality. Being millionaire doesn’t mean that you buy everything on which you lay your hands instead buy wisely. Itsays that instead of buying six pairs of formal dresses at average prices with usual quality better opt for buying two pairs of suits with good quality and price.


Always smell good

Do you think a millionaire or million bucks feel like money? No, not exactly. But it’s for sure that he smells great. To get that million bucks to smell and go for a fantastic body cologne or perfume. You will not only feel good,but it will elevate your confidence level and make you memorable through a signature fragrance.




formal dresses  

Buy a Watch

Buy a watch that looks matured and classic not necessarily a Tag Heuer or Rolex. Try to refrain from buying stylish watches or ones with square faces or digital clocks. Better opt for stainless steel or gold if you can comfortably afford.


Focus on the details

If you want to adopt a million bucks, look you need to concentrate on all aspects. These details vary from your tie coordination with the pocket square and even to your cell phone cover. To create an image you need to understand that not only the formal dresses make an impression it is also related to your accessories, your desk and even your cell phone cover. It covers all minute details to get a bossy million buck’s look.


Go smartly casual

Many millionaires prefer to adopt a casual look on weekends. Nobody likes to wear formal dresseseveryday no matter how good and pleasant it looks. However to get a look like a million bucks to remember that casual look does not mean you have to careless and sloppy.


Confidence is the Key

While wearing any outfit the most important thing is to carry it with confidence. According to Ralph Lauren: “Fashion is not about labels neither it is about brands. It is about something which comes from within you.”It means that wearing an expensive dress with sloppy shoulders does not create a mark until and unless worn with confidence and know how to carry it. This way you won’t be doing justice to yourself or with the outfit you are wearing. If you are dressed up as a millionaire, it won’t make you a millionaire for sure,but it will take you towards it. Use a gentle body spray, dress smartly and walk into the room with confidence.

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