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 Working out in commercial gyms may give you the needed motivation but they are most times overcrowded or too far away from home. Sharing workout equipment or moving to and from a commercial gym consumes our workout time. The stress associated with being stuck in traffic can even discourage you from working out.

Working out from your own convenience might is a good option and a personal gym at home is what I am talking about. Advanced gym equipment surely cost a fortune but setting up a home gym may not require so much having space in mind too.

A simple, primary home building plan does not make provision for a gym so you might need to set up your home gym in the lobby, veranda, spare room or even garage. Just improvise; basically, somewhere with an extra space.



home gym

With limited space in your home, here are a few equipment you can set up your home gym with, work out comfortably and obtain required results;

  • Adjustable dumb bells

Dumb bells give you several choices of exercises. They are very portable and do not consume space at all. The adjustable ones allow you to add or reduce the weight to a convenient amount.

  • Stationary bike

Cycling is a full body exercise and having a stationary bike at a corner of your home or anywhere convenient will be a great option.

  • Push-up stands

One of the best upper body exercises you can perform without an equipment is push-ups. However, using push-up stands is safer and will help get better results.

  • Kettle bells

With limited space, a kettle bell fits in anywhere. Kettle bell exercises which include swinging and snatching have all round effects on the body as they work on several muscles at the same time.

  • Yoga mat

A yoga mat can fit be placed in your home. It will be useful for stretching and carrying out abs exercises like sit-ups.

  • Power reel

Providing so much resistance, power reels help to build and provide strength to muscles.

  • Adjustable Speed or jump ropes

Skipping is a full body exercise too and can help you burn a lot of fats. It is not cumbersome and can be used by people of all age grades.

  • Foam tiles

This will protect your floor from dropped weight or gym equipment. You will like to add this to your home gym.

  • Adjustable bench

An adjustable bench will be a great addition to your home gym. You can carry out various exercises on an adjustable bench especially upper body and abs exercises.

  • Power rack



home gym

If you have a good amount of space to spare, a power rack will be a wonderful addition to your home gym. There is a wide range of exercises you can carry out with this toy. It allows you to perform barbell squats, deadlift and bench press which are the most effective workouts for strength and conditioning.


Commercial gyms may provide advanced gym equipment that will make your workout session fun, less stressful and more effective but a simple home gym with limited equipment can still help you attain your desired body goals if used properly and consistently.

If you may need some extra motivation, engage your family members in your workout sessions or invite a friend to join you in your home gym. A home gym will even save you the cost of enrolling all family members in a commercial gym which are quite expensive these days.


home gym

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