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When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I’ve a severe issue. When I view a brand new color release, there is really like a switch goes inside me and I am not right until I buy it! It is in fact an disease! As a result, I am very picky regarding what I want from a palette.

For me, if a palette is to be a hit, then it must have a great choice of colours that you can cause numerous looks from. There is nothing worse than using a palette where the shadows just do not work that well together.


eyeshadow palettes


Secondly, the shadows must be simple to work with. I really don’t have time to spend weeks blending out colours. I would like a shadow that combines smoothly and the colour doesn’t differ from pan . You might be amazed how frequently this happens.

Ultimately, there has to be good colour payoff. I can’t tolerate palettes who have wonderful colour, however it is like getting blood from a turnip attempting to get the colour to transfer onto your own eyes.


Blank Canvas Master series one palette

eyeshadow palettes

We could also start with the most obvious one first. My love of this Blank Canvas master series palette will come as no surprise for a lot of you personally,

For a fan of warm tones, this palette literally sings to your own heart. The colour selection is fantastic and also you can create numerous of both daytime and nighttime appearances. Not only that although along with payoff is incredible. The truth is a light touch is needed! The shadows are also exceptionally easy to utilize and combine so beautifully. It’s possible to view a tutorial here to show you precisely how beautiful the shadows are.



Violet Voss Holy Grail palette

eyeshadow palettes


When you take a look at the assortment of colours, it isn’t hard to see why I really like this palette muchbetter.

The Violet Voss palette includes 20 predominately warm toned shadows. There is a variety of shimmers along with mattes and all are incredibly pigmented. In reality some of these are probably just a little too pigmented!

I find this palette the range of looks you can make is infinite. My only complaint would be that I might like a dark shadow, but that really is not being uber critical!



Too Faced sweet peach palette

eyeshadow palettes


You might not hear me talk about it palette all that frequently, however the only reason why I was not talking about it, was that it was really difficult to get. In reality, it was out of stock for a good a few months!

When it concerns eye-shadow, Too Faced know their stuff. The Sweet Peach colour includes 18 eye shadows, which r e a variety of mattes and shimmers. There is also a great mix of hot and cool toned shadows, so even if you are not a fan of just one, there are choices. Whilst some one who wouldn’t be described as a excellent lover of cool tones, then I use all the shadows within this palette.

The quality of the Too Faced Shades are great. They’ve great colour payoff, so are simple to work with and also the best part is they smell incredible! This palette scents of peaches!



The Balm Meet Matt (E) Trimony palette

eyeshadow palettes

There is a small trend developing here, because this palette in Your Balm is yet another warm toned palette but I had to incorporate this. The Meet Matte Trimony palette is an all matte palette with 9 hot toned shadows. What I love about The Balm services and products is they aren’t just talc free but cruelty free too!

The shadows within this palette are all very finely shaped so that because of this they combine really well. There’s only a tiny fall outside but nothing that disturbs me. The shadows included can also be used to create numerous daytime and nighttime colours. I genuinely reach with this palette again and again.



Modern Renaissance Palette

eyeshadow palettes

Only at that point I guess you’re all sick of me and a number of different bloggers harping about this particular palette however it is for good cause. This is an extraordinary palette. I’d go as far as saying this palette was in my top 3 favourite products from 2016! It’s simply unreal.

The current Renaissance palette includes 14 shadows which really are a blend of shimmers along with mattes. Ordinarily I’m not a fan of shimmers nevertheless the caliber of the shimmers within this palette is remarkable! They are so creamy and work so delightfully on the eyes. Much like an mattes.The colour pay-off is just nothing short of sensational! I frankly feel that the shadows in this palette are without doubt the highest quality shadows I have ever used. They truly are incredible!!!



Morphe 35o palette

eyeshadow palettes

There was an awful large amount of hype surrounding this particular palette for a very long moment. In fact it was near on impossible to have your hands about it for nearly a year!

If case you didn’t understand, for the most part, Morphe can be a white tag brandnew. Which means they don’t make the product themselvesbut instead they pick it by the factories catalog and place their name on the palette. That is quite common in the makeup world also it doesn’t always indicate there is inferior quality. I am however a little weary of white label cosmetics. I have trust problems with things that I placed on my face!! Even though in saying that, I have used some wonderful white label solutions.

There are 3-5 shadows at the 35o palette. They’re a combination of hot and cooled tones, as well as shimmers and mattes. The colours included from the palette are beautiful and there’s just a fantastic mix of colours to produce number of looks. Yet, it just didn’t put my world on flame. I feel that while they colour have good transparency, they just don’t last well on the eyes. They combine okay but they require work. In addition to that, whilst the shimmers swatch really nicely, but I found them to be quite crumbly on the eyes and so they had a good deal of drop out.

You may think that by doing this, this particular palette should really be in the misses section, however for the most part this palette is grand. I believe as the above flaws are authentic, you will need to take in to account I am extremely tough to please when it comes to eye-shadows. I’ve got high standards and when they aren’t struck in several uses, the palette becomes discarded.

I think for a person who isn’t as critical for me personally or for a younger women this palette could be a great match.


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette

eyeshadow palettes


The Nude Ultimate basics palette has been released to huge fanfare late last yr. Urban Decay are famed for their Naked palettes and many women have at least one Naked palette within their collection. When I saw the Naked Ultimate Basics palette advertised, the yearning was extreme. A matte mainly warm toned palette. I mean, what more can I ask for?

It really is a lovely palette, so the shadows operate well together, they blend easily and there is good colour pay-off. I can not fault it. Yet, why if it’s so lovely do I own it located at the possibly heap? I do not know what it really is, but this palette only does nothing for me personally. There’s not anything wrong with this at all, I believe I simply think it is a little boring. A small safe. My sister said that she prefers Naked Basics 1 and 2 within this particular palette. I might recommend this palette. It is a lovely colour to use.



The Pippa Palette

eyeshadow palettes


I know a lot of people love this palette but for me personally it had been a particular miss.

The assortment of colours within this palette is lovely and also to be fair, they all compliment eachother. I also like that they will have a full palette. As in it comprises products for face and eyes. Yet, I simply felt the quality wasn’t there. I discovered the eyeshadow lacked pigment and it required too much to find along with to move to your eye to accomplish the colour in the pan. Additionally, I found them very tough to blend and they tended to look a little muddy on the eyes. When the shadows were applied individuals these certainly were grand, but when I added another colour in, it all went pearshaped.

The blusher had little to understand colour payoff and it had been far too light for my skin tone and iam fairly light. But, I did really like the highlighter and the contour was grand!

Overall, I discovered this palette a bit meh. There is a enormous amount of hype surrounding this and also I simply aren’t getting it. The thing that I can imagine is that maybe there has been different caliber inside the palette from various batches. I’m clutching at straws here but it just does not make sense how there was such split in people who love it and individuals who do not!!





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