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Working out regularly is an important activity we must develop interests for. Its advantages are immense and cannot be overemphasized; this ranges from primarily helping in maintaining sound health, attaining fitness for daily activities and even acquiring desired body weight and shape.

The more we workout, the better the results. While one would work out for fun or the above advantages, professionals (athletes) aim to gain either muscular strength, muscular endurance or both as required in the sports they practice.

While people are confused about the difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance, their difference is clearly stated thus;

Muscular strength: this refers to the highest amount of load the muscles can overcome in an instantaneous effort.

Muscular endurance: this refers to how long the muscles can continuously bear a load. It is the amount of time the muscles can perform.

Muscular endurance is achieved through continuity while muscular strength requires moving a step higher. Here, I will focus on developing muscular strength then if you wish for endurance, then you just need to keep repeating.

First, how do you test and know your muscular strength?

During a work out session, you may be curious of how much muscular strength you may have. All you have to do is to keep testing your muscles with a heavier weight. your muscular strength definitely lies at the heaviest weight you were able to overcome depending on the exercise.


Having known your muscular strength, you may want to improve and here is how;

Muscular strength may be measured instantaneously but improving muscular strength is definitely not instantaneous; it is a gradual process and depends on how serious you are. Sessions for strength improvement would yield better results if you engage in functional exercises. These exercises will help improve balance, body coordination and muscular strength and they include push-ups, squats, bench press, lunges, and deadlifts.

Here are some tips to improving your muscular strength

  • Have a plan

“failing to plan is planning to fail”.

You cannot just perform exercises at random without any proper plan and expect desired results.  A plan is a guide to help you run your strength improvement sessions. It also gives you a target.

  • Be consistent

Like I said earlier, improving muscular strength is not instantaneous hence consistency is a requirement. After having a plan of programs as guide, you must stick to this plan and workout regularly. You necessarily do not need to workout everyday because the body needs rest too, so it is advisable to have up to three workout sessions weekly.


  • Make progress

Gradual improvement is the surest way of improving your muscles as you cannot get so strong suddenly so you will need to start from somewhere. For example, you should start from the lighter tasks like lifting kettle bells then progress towards deadlifting barbells and so on.

You must not be scared to try the heavier weights.

  • Skill and technique

“smart work pays better than hard-work”.

Working out is one thing but doing it with the required skills and technique is another. A personal fitness coach or gym instructor can help you achieve better results. You should however try to take rests between sets so as to regain enough energy for your program.



This article has stated that while muscular endurance is a result of quantity, muscular strength is a result of quality. Muscular strength is developed when you long for something more demanding than the present rather than continuous repetition of the present task.

Building muscles will help you burn calories even at rest and can protect the bone from diseases. Being strong primarily gives you the ability to perform daily activities. A step towards improving your muscular strength is a positive step you will always be happy with.


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