protein shakes


Protein is one of the classes of food and it is important to the body because it is the building block of cells and tissues. Not every food we eat can give us protein neither can we get the right amount from sources of protein. This is why we take food supplements to provide the right amount of nutrients good for the body. A protein supplement like protein shakes, can add up to the required daily protein intake. There have been several controversies about the recommended daily intake but doctors say it is important to get 10 – 35 percentage of our daily calories from source of proteins around us like milk, cheese, egg, pork, chicken, meat and so on.


You can’t compare protein shakes with foods because the latter contain more nutritional benefits that are important to the body. Wait, this article is about protein shakes so let us continue. Whether you want a muscle like Arnold Schwarzenegger or slim down, protein shakes can do that for you. Let us start from here, most people take this supplement thinking they are making the right choice. What if they aren’t? We will find out now.



protein shakes

Milk contains Whey and Casein protein. The whey protein is connected to cheese in terms of production. It is used in protein shakes for building of the muscles. This is because it contains the right amount of amino acids your muscles need. To stay trimmed and drop weight during workout, whey protein is right for you because it contains less fat and carbohydrates. I hope you understand that as I talk on Casein protein.


Unlike the Whey protein, Casein protein takes time to get to work in the body. This is why it is ideal to take it much more later after workout, probably when your body wants more protein to balance up for the day. With Casein in your body, you can be sure your muscle will get the right protein even if it takes time. I have heard people ask if they can combine both.


You can actually combine both Whey and Casein protein shake. The combination will help achieve your fitness goals faster than individuals that are taking one of the two. The difference can easily be spotted in the muscle as the combined protein shakes will help build you up faster and lose baby weight quicker.


People make mistakes about proteins. Athletes tend to use more protein shakes instead of taking food for quicker results. This is not good medically, it is good to get your nutrients naturally. If not balanced in the body system, you can add a supplement like protein shake. It is better to avoid cheap protein shakes, they contain high level of fat which is not good for the body. If you want to lose weight, take Whey Isolate protein. It contains very high amount of protein and low fat due to long period of processing. Other forms of Whey protein are concentrate and hydrolysate. Lastly, the best way to combine your protein shake is to take Whey before gym activities and Casein, later at night.


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