One of the six classes of foods is vitamins. Vitamins are needed by the body on a daily basis as they help to strengthen the immune system, keeping the body strong and healthy. Vitamins are contained in different foods but its major sources are fruits and vegetables. It is advisable that you take at least one fruit each day and each meal you consume has to contain veggies.

Dairy foods and other animal-based foods are also rich in various vitamins and nutrients but plant-based foods are considered healthier due to their low-fat content.

Personal and family health are a major concern and people make efforts to eat healthily through balanced diets but available resources may be a limitation. However, multivitamins help to compensate for missing or inadequate vitamins and other nutrients.


Choosing a multivitamin to use may not really depend on brands but sex of the user. however, brands are not less important as it is advisable to always go for quality products. Multivitamins recommended for men are very different from that of women just as body needs differ.

There are several multivitamins in the market but choosing a good one for you may be challenging. Remember that multivitamins suitable for men is different from that for women so, I will be reviewing a few multivitamins available on Amazon for both men and women





Multivitamins for women

Women lose blood monthly as menstruation causing them to be susceptible to iron deficiency anaemia meaning that they have a higher iron requirement than men. Where they may not have enough iron rich meals, the following multivitamins can suffice

  • Centrum Women’s Multivitamin

This costs about $10 and contains 120 tablets per bottle. It contains all the basic minerals and vitamins for a woman’s health

  • Nature Made Women’s Multivitamin

Apart from iron, Nature Made Women’s Multivitamin contains calcium and 21 other essential nutrients for women. It contains 300 tablets and costs about $23.

  • NOW EVE Women’s Multivitamin


Costing about $25, each bottle contains 180 softgels which are easier to swallow compared to tablets.


  • One A Day Women’s Multivitamin


Just as the name implies, one tablet is to be taken with food each day and it is a natural product. Each bottle contains 250 tablets and costs about $15




Multivitamins for men

Unlike women, men do not have monthly flows so they require less of iron in their multivitamins. Meanwhile, they require more of others which include Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and other nutrients. Multivitamins that can be taken by men are;


  • NOW ADAM Men’s Multiple Vitamin


Costing about $25, each bottle contains 120 softgels which are easier to swallow.


  • Centrum One A Day Men’s Health Formula

Contains 300 tablets per bottle at about $30

  • Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin


It costs about $40 and contains 180 tablets per bottle.


  • Vitafusion Men’s


This is a chewable but healthy multivitamin containing essential nutrients obtained from natural products. It costs about $20 and contains 150 tablets per bottle



Multivitamin as the name implies is a food supplement containing several vitamins; more than three vitamins and other nutrients.

Multivitamins can not be considered as food or drugs as they do not give satisfaction or cure any form of illness but are mere food supplements. Although these vitamins are contained in our balanced diets, some meals may be deficient in certain nutrients.

With this, multivitamins can be used to compensate our meals but should not be consumed as food. There are no major side effects of taking them unless taken in excess but children, pregnant women and people suffering from certain diseases should contact a doctor before taking multivitamins.



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