weight loss supplements

Top Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss is an increasing concern across the globe. The demand in society has led to development of countless techniques to help people burn calories. The weight loss mechanisms differ ineffectiveness; also, not all techniques will work for you. It depends with your body structure and systems.

Before you embark on any weight loss technique, it is important to research and consult professionals in health to avoid any risks. Some maybe a waste of your time while some will cause more harm than good.

Supplements are effective. Most people benefit from these. To achieve weight loss, supplements reduce appetite, reduce absorption as well as increase fat burning.

Supplements help with weight loss, no doubt; however, not every product in the market is credible. You should check with the FDA on licensed producers of weight loss supplements to make sure you are not risking your health. Actually, the regulatory body often cracks down on weight loss supplements that indicate contents on the label that are absent in the content.

You should not replace supplements with food. Consider weight loss supplements as complements of a diet.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The fruit containing Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is compared to a pumpkin. Apart from size, the green outer layer resembles a Pumpkin.The outer layer contains this acid, which is the main ingredient in the extract.

The extract is used to make capsules.

HCA increases levels of Serotonin, a crucial hormone in the digestion process. Increase in serotonin decreases cravings hence less consumption. The supplement is said to work over few weeks because of the acid impact.

While some think the effects of garciniacambogia are too mild, consistent use over a long period of time yields significant weight loss results. The effects might not be noticeable at first but will be evident with time. Permanent results with little or no side effects.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements


This is one of the oldest and most popular weight loss supplements. You will find it any local store; a professional chemist won’t miss mentioning this supplement. While it is of different categories and different names depending on location in the world, Hydroxycut is the most popular name.

The supplement mainly contains caffeine and multiple extracts from plants. Its existence in the market for more than a decade proves its effectiveness. It is renowned for long-term results. However, if you are sensitive with caffeine, this might not be a good option because it has high caffeine levels.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements


Yes, caffeine is a major ingredient in weight loss products. Most supplements focus on this component to achieve weight loss. While it is present in coffee and tea among other beverages, supplements have a higher concentration of caffeine.

The main role of caffeine is increasing metabolic rate. The fact that food is processed fast ends up in weight loss. Also, it enhances enzymatic functions that trigger fat storage cells to break the fat for utilization in the body. Increased fat burning is directly related to calorie levels.

While the body can quickly develop caffeine tolerance, it has quick and long-term results with regards to weight loss.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements

Orlistat (Alli)

The supplement is in form of a pill. The technique in this case is inhibition of fat breakdown. The body naturally regulates intake of calories thus reducing accumulation of fat.

To increase effect of this drug, it is recommended to be strict on a low-fat diet. Also, Orlistat cannot work with drugs. You have to stop taking alcohol or smoking for the fat breakdown mechanism to work. A consistent and stable diet is crucial because the supplement can lead to deficiency of vitamins K, D,E, and A.

It is an effective and reliable weight loss supplement.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry contains ketones, which attributes to the unique smell.

The ketones directly address fat cells and storage where fat breakdown is increased. Besides, the ketones are believed to increase adiponectin activity in the body hence significant weight loss. Most of the existing studies are not rats; nevertheless, ketones is widely used as a weight loss supplement.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Roasting coffee beans compromises on its natural components, which is the trick with this coffee beans. Green Coffee Beans are rich in chlorogenic acid and caffeine.

The two complement each other by focusing on different body systems. The main role of caffeine is increasing fat burning process while the chlotogenic acid focuses on regulating carbohydrate breakdown.

The two processes influence fat level hence weight in the body. Besides weight loss, the Green coffee beans help in regulating blood pressure as well as sugar levels. The coffee beans are also rich in antioxidants hence more health benefits.

Of course, if you are allergic to caffeine, you might experience anxiety among other complications on consistent use of this weight loss supplement.


weight loss supplements
weight loss supplements


Glucomannan creates an illusion in the body. It absorbs water in the body, which attributes to its jelly-like structure that makes you feel full most of the time. It not only regulates your feeding proportions and frequency but also cravings.

Glucomannan is basically a fiber that feeds bacteria in the intestine. Other benefits of this supplement include regulating cholesterol, blood sugar and preventing contispation. The health benefits of this weight loss supplement go beyond weight loss.

It should be taken 30 mins before meals for ultimate results.


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