Weight loss motivation





Weight loss motivation

Weight loss motivation

Weight loss is an involving process. Workouts and trimming calories are important. However,  this can be stress-inducing moments if the results are not realised in time.  The excellent mental capability is needed to make the huge difference between who you are today and tomorrow. It’s all about the completion with success or failure.

How can someone control the appetite for cravings? It sometimes defeats logic to be doing the workouts or diet control. They look like punishments. It’s even more disappointing if you miss a scoop of ice cream then take calorie counts only to discover they are still the same or have increased.

This is why motivation is an integral part of weight loss. It involves the difficult decision to overcome negative thoughts and stick to weight loss goals.  Changing from one life to another where you shes off things that matter to you is difficult and almost impossible.

Attitude sums up to 100%. Its vital to gear your attitude before you start in the work out the process. It doesn’t mean that taking on any form of exercise is tedious, it only requires emotional preparedness. The period of weight loss has to be acquainted by a strong mindset.

Below are tips to go strong, motivated and positive



Weight loss motivation

The major factors

What’s motivating you to lose weight, this should be your first question as you embark on the process. The reasons may not all be positive. It may be due to the duress impacted upon you by partners or family. This may work, but the positive attitude will diminish every new day. The best weight loss motivation is when you really develop the interest to change your life. It means you need more comfortable skin. This is your vision, and it’s the only thing that can keep you going. Even when it all seems impossible.

Note down, your reasons for losing weight. Include all the negatives drivers. Then filter it again, this time leaving the positives only. Make it your obligation and desire to succeed. If the reasons bear the relevance to lose weight, then go ahead. These compelling theories will be your motivation to stir ahead.



Weight loss motivation

Set achievable targets

The 30 pounds in 72  is too much. You cannot lose weight overnight. The smaller the target, the higher you achieve. It’s better to lose two pounds and keep that for a year than lose five then add another 5 during the month.

A number is just a figure. It cannot be used as a goal. It can only be used to monitor the process.  Focus on the changes in lifestyle. Apart from the weight loss goals, set non-weight loss goals that will act as a bonus.

It’s okay to compete among the peers online but everybody is its own engine. If you enter a false competition, you will get discouraged and fall off before you mature.



Weight loss motivation

customise  your weight loss plan

You do not have to do what everyone is doing. If you try to imitate what the others are doing. Then it will be too much. Start by changing the small things then the others will automatically follow. Wiping out a whole diet can lead to starvation. The body lives and so any minute change in the amount ingested is detected by the system. It may respond by failing to work completely.

There are those diets that you can forego then use them as the pivot to turn the whole diet. Spread the goals calories over a number of days and ways. This would enable you to feel great. Favourite meals are great hindrances to weight loss so, do not deprive them all at once. The counterforce between cravings and the foods will be inevitable.

Steer clear of who you would like to be. Idolise yourself. This would make you feel proud of the achievements you are about to make.



Weight loss motivation

Be real,

Daily goals are helpful that the whole list if achievements crowded in one. Each new day, set the goal then work towards it. You could dedicate some time for a healthy meal a day on the running tracks, or an afternoon swimming. This will direct you to on what to do during the day.  Make solid plans ahead of any problems you may encounter. If it’s a visit to a friends house, schedule a private time to go there. Ensure you use that time to reflect on the daily schedule.



Weight loss motivation

Over the enemies of weight loss

Negative competitions an enemy if progress. It fuels feelings of sadness topped with anger. This is counterproductive of the weight loss motivation goals. You can be trapped in overeating. This would not help you to stop being fat.  Take the work out notebooks and write down all the reasons that can be contributory to your bitterness.  Evaluate them the develop ease strategies to edge them out. Weight loss leads to body changes that cannot be hidden. Just wrap the fear to overcome this formidable challenge. The risks of letting change take care of you could go for  long terms

Celebrity rate every pound or micro pound that you lose.  If this happens often weight loss will be more of a habit that you cannot run away from. The remaining thing will be to relish in its beauty.


Admit to mistakes and use them as points of correction. Underestimating yourself will not gather the courage to identify the missteps and step them over. Process positive  thought which will be your weight loss motivation



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